BunnyEmu is a WoW emulator/sandbox I made mostly for learning purposes. It’s written from scratch in Java and somewhat based on other popular WoW emulators.

Because there didn’t exist a WoW emulator written in Java yet, it was quite some work to get it to work. For the authentication I was solely relying on the only documentation there is: http://arcemu.org/wiki/Logon_Process. Also a lot of debugging and peaking at other emulators written in C++ and C# got me quite far.

I made logging into the world possible on all versions of WoW. In the latest version I managed to get some basic commands such as teleporting and modifying speed working. It felt really good to get so far on something I never really expected to succeed on.

The code is open source and can be found on GitHub: https://github.com/marijnz/BunnyEmu.

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