gravity cub3d

A game created with around 30 students, during my time as an international student in Stuttgart. With the 30 students, including programmers, artists and game designers, we had 5 months to port an earlier prototype of the game created in CryEngine, to UE4. Besides porting we also created new content (levels).

The game in a nutshell is: Progressing through levels, all shaped as cubes, trying to solve the puzzles by changing gravity. Oh, and it supports VR (Oculus Rift)!

As a project manager my contribution was: Giving form to how the project runs (deciding on the used tools, forming teams, setting up meetings), overseeing the development, implementing Scrum and of course making sure everybody is motivated to develop a great game!

We got very positive feedback at the university’s “Media Night”, where we had our own booth with 4 Oculus Rift’s to let people play the game.

Here is a short gameplay video of the third level of the game: